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Ynda Rouya-Schulberg

Ynda Rouya Schulberg is a French model and actress with Algerian, Mongolian and Afghan origins. Before modeling and acting she earned a degree in Particle Physics but decided to dedicate herself to art. she was scouted by a photographer in the street and started modeling at the age of 20 .she modeled for Tony Enzo, Karo swimsuits, chanel lingerie and appeared in citizenk magazine.She was chosen by sexy magazine to be the cover sexiest woman of the year in 2015.She started to take theater classes at the age of 21, based on the actors studio and Stella Adler techniques, in Paris, New York and Los Angeles.She went to New York to take ballet and jazz dance classes and danced with Liza Minelli and Marissa Berenson at the famous dancing studio run by Luigi Facciuto. Subsequently she met Kevin Carter Schulberg producer and nephew of the famous screenwriter and novelist Budd Schulberg who wrote On The Waterfront oscar winner starring Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint.they got married in 2016 in Naples, Florida. Ynda Rouya Schulberg appeared in several short movies, her first short movie A Vif won a price in the show libre court dedicated to short movies and got a very good positive revew and also was shown at the Cannes film festival.

. she also appeared in cinema, in several feature films and one american movie. She is currently in preparation for a feature film Kahar written by her husband. Besides acting and modeling she loves painting and pratices many sports to stay in shape. We can find articles on her performances in several magazines as Telerama, Gulfshore Life magazine.... 

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